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Pak Shuttle Company

For over Fifty year, we have produced high-quality wooden accessories for the weaving mills and have developed technologies to meet the challenging requirements of the local and international market.

Keeping alive the art of conventional weaving.


Incorporated in 1964 by the visionary Mr. Mian Abdul Rasheed (late), Pak Shuttle stands as the prominent brand in the Pakistan power loom industry, specializing in Textile Weaving Shuttles and accessories. Its significant contribution to meeting the surging demand for textile weaving wooden shuttles and accessories during the textile sector’s boom in Pakistan from the 1960s onwards cannot be overstated. Pak Shuttle has remained the largest manufacturer of weaving shuttles in Pakistan, a feat that not only reduced the industry’s reliance on imported, expensive shuttles but also fostered self-sufficiency in Pakistani Textile Engineering.

Our History

This tradition of excellence started back in1960 when Mian Abdul Rasheed (late) floated the idea of manufacturing textile weaving machine and accessories in Pakistan. Pak Shuttle Company was his brainchild and is now the largest manufacturer and exporter of textile weaving machine accessories in Pakistan. The idea of Pak Shuttle Company got much appreciation and the production of high-quality accessories for textile weaving machines relieved the local textile industry because of the higher costs of imports of textile parts from the US, Japan, and Germany. Along with shuttles, the company started manufacturing wooden and plastic pirns and bobbins followed by Laminated Picking sticks and Side Levers. The production set-up and technical skills were achieved in Japan for absolute perfection and products were of the same standards as of Europe or Japan.

Pak Shuttle – A Journey Through Time

The origins of Pak Shuttle trace back to a family of skilled craftsmen in pre-partition Amritsar, India, known for their exceptional hand-loom craftsmanship. Following the partition, the family relocated to Gujranwala, Pakistan, with Mr. Abdul Rasheed spearheading the vision of industrializing Textile Machinery. In 1964, Pak Shuttle Company (Pvt) Limited was founded in the vicinity of Industrial Estate, G. T. Road, Gujranwala, equipped with advanced Japanese machinery for shuttle production. The company aimed to meet domestic demand and ventured into overseas markets.

Once, the compressed densified wooden blocks were imported from Europe, mainly from the UK, the pivotal moment came in 1977 with the establishment of the largest wood compressing plant in Asia, enabling Pak Shuttle to compress the wooden blocks domestically.

During the 1970s, Pak Shuttle secured government tenders to supply Textile Weaving Shuttles to Sri Lanka and Iraq, marking its entry into the export market. And our export portfolio has been increasing ever since.

Founder’s Vision

Mian Abdul Rasheed (Late)

Introducing our company’s visionary founder, Mian Abdul Rasheed, whose relentless pursuit of a bold vision has shaped the very core of our organization, Pak Shuttle Company. He was more than just a leader; who has set the course for our journey and he was the driving force behind our mission, and his insights have laid the foundation for the success of Pak Shuttle.
From the inception of our company, Mian Abdul Rasheed had a vision that extended far beyond the ordinary. He envisioned the industrialization of Textile Machinery and its emerging demand in the Pakistani Textile Market. Pak Shuttle is still aligned to his philosophy of using domestic resources for the self-realization of Pakistan’s Textile Engineering.
As the founder of Pak Shuttle, Mian Abdul Rasheed’s  insights, devotions, and unwavering commitment to our mission made him the cornerstone of our organization and we are inspired to continue pushing boundaries and realizing a future that aligns with his visionary dreams.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Director Business Development

Ahmad Rasheed

Introducing our Business Development Director, Ahmad Rasheed, a dynamic professional who brings a global perspective and a wealth of knowledge to our team. Ahmad is a distinguished graduate with an MBA from University of Malaya, Malaysia. Since joining Pak Shuttle after his studies in 2006, Ahmad has seamlessly blended his academic prowess with real-world experience. With a strategic vision that extends beyond borders, he has carved a path for the company in the business development arena.

His keen understanding of market trends, consumer behaviour, and innovative strategies has consistently driven growth and forged valuable partnerships. From cultivating client relationships to identifying new business opportunities, Ahmad has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to our company's expansion.
Outside of work, Ahmad is a tech enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with emerging technologies, from VR and AR to machine learning. His innovative mindset and passion for staying at the forefront of the tech landscape inspire our team to reach new heights. His international perspective, coupled with his dedication to innovative solutions, makes him a valuable asset to Pak Shuttle. With Ahmad at the helm, we are poised to conquer new horizons and strengthen our position in the ever-evolving world of Textile Machinery.
CEO & Director

Tariq Rasheed

Introducing our esteemed CEO and Director, Tariq Rasheed, a visionary leader with an impressive 45-year journey that has left an indelible mark on our company. With a career spanning nearly half a century, Tariq Rasheed embodies unparalleled wisdom, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Tariq Rasheed joined Pak Shuttle in 1978 after graduating from Hailey College of Commerce, Lahore and from that moment forward, his relentless pursuit of innovation and his dedication to his craft set Pak Shuttle on an extraordinary trajectory. His leadership has been instrumental in driving growth, fostering innovation, and setting industry benchmarks. He has navigated economic challenges, industry disruptions, and global transformations, consistently emerging as a strategic thinker and a force to be reckoned with.
Tariq Rasheed's expertise goes beyond the boardroom; it extends into the realm of mentorship, where he has cultivated the careers of many. His vast knowledge and experience serve as an invaluable resource for our company, guiding us through complex challenges and inspiring us to push the boundaries of what's possible. He is the embodiment of leadership, wisdom, and resilience. Which inspires us to reach new heights and set new standards of excellence in the industry.
Director Human Resource

Hashim Rasheed

Meet our HR Director, Hashim Rasheed, a bright professional with a passion for fostering a positive and productive workplace environment. Hashim is the driving force behind our human resources team, bringing a wealth of experience and a people-centric approach to our organization.

He is not just an HR leader but also a change catalyst, orchestrating initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our company. He joined Pak Shuttle after completing his BS Economics from Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad and MS International Relations from National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad. He has established himself as a formidable presence in the field and his professional journey has been a testament to his dedication to nurturing talent and ensuring the well-being of our workforce.
As our HR Director, Hashim Rasheed plays a pivotal role in shaping the heart of our organization. His dedication for creating an inclusive and thriving work environment, along with his keen insights into best business practices, makes him an invaluable asset. With Hashim at the helm, we are poised to continue fostering a workplace where talent flourishes, and everyone thrives.
Director Operations

Asif Rasheed

Meet our Director of Operations, Asif Rasheed, a consummate professional with a proven track record of optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency. Asif Rasheed is the driving force behind our operational strategy, ensuring that our organization runs smoothly and effectively.

Asif Rasheed plays a pivotal role in the backbone of our organization. His expertise in streamlining processes, managing resources, and implementing best practices has consistently yielded results that drive profitability and organizational growth. He is not just a technical operation expert but also a visionary leader who fosters a culture of continuous improvement.
His dedication to efficiency and operational excellence, combined with his ability to lead teams to success, makes him an invaluable asset. With Asif Rasheed at the helm, we are poised to continue delivering our products and services with precision and consistency, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients and customers.

Thriving Today

With over half a century of experience, Pak Shuttle continues to manufacture high-quality wooden shuttles and accessories for the textile weaving sector. The craft of shuttle making is continually evolving, driven by visionary leadership, skilled labor, cutting-edge machinery, state of the art latest technology, and extensive material research. Pak Shuttle’s commitment to integrating the latest technologies, including CNC machines, 3d printers, and robotics, has ensured top-notch quality and workmanship in its textile shuttles. This approach aligns with the founder’s philosophy of using domestic resources for the self-realization of Pakistan’s Textile Engineering.

Exporting Excellence

Pak Shuttle, the largest textile weaving wooden accessories manufacturer in Pakistan, serves both domestic and international markets. Its export portfolio encompasses countries such as the USA, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Netherlands, France, Romania, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

Shuttles' Evolution

Pak Shuttle’s journey began with small-sized Plain Loom Shuttles and has since evolved to include Semi-Auto Loom Shuttles, Auto Loom Shuttles, and more complex variants of weaving loom shuttles. From traditional wooden shuttles to fiber-coated silk loom shuttles, Composite Resin shuttles, and Hylam shuttles, Pak Shuttle excels in producing a wide range of weaving shuttles.

Today, Pak Shuttle stands as Pakistan’s premier textile weaving machine accessories manufacturer. Backed by a team of highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology, its products not only satisfy the local textile industry but also resonate with the global textile sector.

Product Line

Pak Shuttle’s product line comprises a diverse range of items, including Hand Loom Shuttles, Toyoda Loom Shuttles, Silk Loom Shuttles (3 & 4 Side Fiber Coated), Plain Loom Shuttles, Semi-Auto Loom Shuttles, Auto Loom Shuttles, Jute Loom Shuttles, Woolen Loom Shuttles, Carpet Loom Shuttles, Tipless Shuttles for Picanol and Similar Loom types, Wooden & Plastic Pirns & Bobbins for all types of Shuttles, and Wooden Laminated Picking Sticks & Side Levers.