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For a manufacturer of wooden shuttles that was struggling to meet demand, an acceptance scheme gave them the ability to effectively manage their production capacity and orders coming in at the same time. Their old system involved making everything by hand, then manually tracking each order as it was made and fulfilled. Because of this inefficiency, they were barely able to produce enough products to keep up with demand, which left many customers waiting for their orders or giving up on their orders altogether due to the wait times.

After building a new website, we decided to quickly use our acceptance scheme

We wanted to quickly use our acceptance scheme (a.k.a. warranty) on all the wooden shuttles we’ve manufactured so far. This is a big deal because we’re a manufacturer of wood and a manufacturer of wooden shuttles tape, and want to make sure that you can trust us with your custom order and purchase one of these items as well!

Our case study

For me, we have been in the manufacturing of wood for about 12 years. There is a new company that specializes in the manufacturing of wooden shuttles tape. They came to us and wanted to buy from us. When they first contacted us, they were looking for our cheapest products, but when they saw our quality and how quickly we could manufacture them the product they wanted, they couldn’t turn down this offer!

The benefits

Wooden shuttles are a vital part of the weaving process. They help to create a woven fabric by separating the weft threads. These shuttles are manufactured from wood and designed for durability and quality.
Manufacturing these shuttles is not a quick process, it usually takes about two weeks for one shuttle to be complete. To ensure that each shuttle is made to last, manufacturers use methods like investing in high-quality wood and handcrafting them with care.

Number of visits after using the acceptance scheme

Manufacturers of wooden shuttles tape have been using the acceptance scheme for a year and have seen a consistent increase in visitors to their website. They credit this increase to the marketing and advertising efforts they’ve put into place, but we think it’s also because visitors like that there is no need to share personal information in order to access the product or service.

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